26° 36' South
153° 16' East
Wind southwesterly at 15 knots. Weather fine.
YOUNG ENDEAVOUR continued to make ground to the southeast yesterday afternoon. The moderating winds presented the opportunity
for demonstrational and rotational tacks. A series of four wears was conducted where the youth crew took turns at other watch's tacking stations and also observe the tack from the bridge. This is an important step in the lead up to Command Day, giving the youth crew the skills necessary to sail the ship themselves.

The wind persisting from the southwest made it difficult for the ship to make ground towards Mooloolaba, so at 1900 the Ship commenced Motor Sailing after a quick tack. As the Ship came closer inshore
the swell reduced making for a comfortable night at sea.

Overnight the watches were kept busy with sail handling drills, and these were assessed this morning after Rope Races. It is pleasing to announce that everyone carried out the correct sail setting procedures, and have now been deemed ready for Command Day.

The Ship is now making ground towards an anchorage near Mooloolaba. Everyone is looking forward to a short break ashore.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is a Brigantine which is a sailing vessel with two masts of which only the foremast is square-rigged or crossed with yards and the mainmast is fore-and-aft rigged.

The real art of conversation is not only to say the right
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Dorothy Nevill

Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden
Lieutenant, RAN
Acting Commanding Officer


Locky, 16, Perth
hello,im locky and i have had a great time sailing on this vessel. it is cold and bumpy but at the same time enjoyable. come and have a look yourself. thank you for listening.

Dale, 17, Melbourne
hey to everyone come and see the Young Endeavour its got everything you need for a goodtime like good friends good food and good crew members so do yourself a favour and come on down, catch ya later.