39° 31' South
146° 46' East
Currently experiencing moderate 12-15kt SE winds with a 1m SW swell
Ahoy Shipmates,
During the night the wind moderated to less than 10kts so main engines had to be switched on and we motor sailed throughout most of the morning. By early afternoon the wind had again freshened from the south east and we were able to bring the ship hard onto the wind and shape a course for the Sisters Passage, which is located at the most northern point of Flinders Island. As the conditions in Bass Strait were quite good with only a small number of the Youth Crew suffering from seasickness we took the opportunity to let Trish the Navigator impart some of her wealth of knowledge on the scientific art of navigation which completed our morning activities. After another one of Chef Jarods fantastic lunches ���Horto the Engineer�� conducted the first round of the highly competitive rope races, in which I believe that Blue Watch were today's winners. By early afternoon we were 10nm to the west of the Curtis Islands making slow progress due again to the very light and variable winds. Given these poor conditions for sailing we decided to utilise this time by giving a practical demonstration on the use of marine safety flares. This demonstration proved not only to be beneficial to Staff but also the Youth Crew who thoroughly enjoyed participating in this activity. On completion of this display we decided to give those who wished the chance to have a quick swim in the cool water of Bass Strait. Once everyone was out of the water the ship was again brought under all fore and aft sail and under a strengthening south westerly started to make steady ground towards our planned anchorage at Inner Sister Island. Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their sea watches and start to consolidate their newly found mariner skills.

The time is now 2000 and we are 10nm to the east of Curtis Island sailing under all fore and aft sails in moderate 12-15 S/SE winds. In these conditions I expect that we will reach our anchorage sometime tomorrow morning were the YC will enjoy their first time ashore since commencing the voyage.

Highlight of the Day: celebrating Mikaela Atkins 18th Birthday (complete with cake sparklers & 35 Young Endeavour Youth Crew and Staff singing Happy Birthday)

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav