Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
3 degrees 14 minutes North
29 degrees 8 minutes West

Currently located 190nm north of the equator motor sailing and experiencing light SE winds with a .5m NE swell. Our current speed is 7.5kts and the temperature is 21 degrees

Welcome to day 45 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 45 of our voyage. Well overnight the wind did finally back to the south east but it still hasn’t strengthened quite enough to be able to sail without an engine yet but the forecast does look promising so hopefully it won’t be to much longer before we pass through the doldrums and be able to enjoy the pleasant sensation of sailing once more.

Today our guest Sail Master has been Maddy who has kept the program running and made sure that their have been plenty of activities to keep the crew busy.

One of the big events of the day has been the Birthday celebration of the ships Executive Officer (at Sea) our beloved Kenny, sometimes known as Knuckle but whose real name is Andrew, confused why wouldn’t you be! Anyway Andrew turned 54 today so we have celebrated his big day with birthday cakes, cards and plenty of hugs and well wishes which has made him feel very special.

Also today has seen the start of a longer round of ‘Ships Assassin’ which from previous experience can last for days and paranoia sets in, alliances formed and you really don’t know who you can trust anymore, you will just have to read the Captains Log each night to see who is going to be the last World Voyager left standing.

Following an oil change on both main engines today we continue to make good speed and are currently located 190nm north of the equator motor sailing in light south easterly conditions. If we continue to make our current speed we will cross the equator and enter the Southern Hemisphere sometime on Wednesday morning (our time) which is currently 12hrs behind Sydney time.

Writing tonight’s Captains Log is Vita who like Liv last night is going solo so please enjoy tonight’s edition.


Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Shout Out:

To my wonderful Mum Marie hope that you are keeping yourself active and enjoying your time in respite care while Dad is recovering from his surgery. Remember that you are always in my thoughts. Lots of Love Gav xxox

Day 45

Last night we experienced our first monsoonal squall of tremendous power with dire consequences of catastrophic proportions (*bah baah baaaah – drum roll*). Whilst on watch, unforgiving winds beat our faces, stung our eyes with salty bullets of water (*lightning sound*) and totally drenched us to the core. White Watch (which watch?) dealt with this harrowing situation the only way they know how: by getting topless while prancing around furling sails and blinding Blue Watch who then felt tremendously over-dressed in their foul weather gear. Anyhoo, 24 hours later, here we are writing this log looking out over the glassy waters of the Atlantic, with only minor PTS, it’s the darnedest thang.

So, moving along onto today’s exciting event: we did an overhaul on mould and sweat ridden linen and mattresses. None were spared and there were some casualties, bleach spots are being found aplenty.

We then went onto mosey about the decks in a heat-induced dementor-like fashion whilst waiting for lunch and for the afternoon’s fun times with Adzie and Nina. The fun times were fun as promised if not slightly foreboding for all those on the youth crew: Nina and Adzie introduced the first inaugural Trans-Atlantic Hunger Games. 24 knives (plastic) with 24 names (actual) have been distributed amongst the crew. It’s kill or be killed, safe zones are few and far between, and, (*dun duun duuun*) …no one can be trusted (*spoken in creepy whisper*).

Annie would also like to note the importance of the fact that today was the first time we have had fresh bread on this leg of the journey – thank you Annie.


PS. The first cannon has sounded (there has been one ‘death’)