37° 0' South
139° 30'
Course 130, Sp 8kts, Wind 270/8kts, Temp 17, overcast with passing showers, motorsailing off
Lacepede Bay
Had an excellent day sailing with 'One and All' yesterday. A moderate breeze came in from the west by late morning which allowed both ships to shut down their engines and sail together at reasonable speeds. Of similar size and speed both ships got a lot of excellent sail training as we tacked and wore ship (gybed) together for most of the afternoon. At 1600 we went our separate ways and YE headed for Backstairs Passage on a broad reach with nearly all sail set. At sunset the wind died totally and soon we were back on the engines heading SE towards Victoria.

Once through Backstairs passage and into the open ocean, the significant southerly swell rolled the ship around quite a lot. If we had enough wind to fill our sails we would have had a comfortable ride, but this was not to be and quite a few of the youth crew have been suffering from seasickness.

The wind remained light to non-existent over night and we are now heading towards Robe where we will anchor around lunchtime. I know a lot of the youth crew are looking forward to feeling something firm under their feet and there will be a rush for the first boat going ashore.

Chat tomorrow