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CO's Log 20 August 2001

Current situation at 1800: At sea in the Great Southern Ocean. Wind light and variable. Temp 14C.
Today, after setting and furling drills, where the YC proved that they could safely and competently set and furl all sails, we continued our passage east. We had hoped to stop at Bremer Bay but the winds have moderated to just a puff and therefore we need to get closer to Esperance for Command Day.

This afternoon the YC held elections and shortly afterwards the new team was born. This evening they will plan for their big day out and make all the necessary preparations overnight because at 0600 Tuesday morning Young Endeavour will be theirs for 24 hours. Their task will be sail along amongst the islands off Esperance (and there are a few of them) arriving off the port and anchoring the ship.

No YC entry available for the Captain's Log. It seems they have higher priorities on their mind.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis