34° 50' South
138° 25'
At Port Adelaide. Wind still southerly at 24 knots, temp 20C.
Current situation at 1800:

Today we embarked about 60 guests for our half day sail. Our guests were from Adelaide Open Access College, Chairman of the YE Youth Scheme and Minister of Defence Senator Robert Hill.

We went to sea and it blew a 'hooley' - great if you want to go sailing. We reached 10 knots and got a good lean going - the guests loved it and the YC had a ball. Hardly anyone got seasick which is a pleasant situation.

We returned to port really windswept and on arrival the Minister presented the Order of Australia Emblem to our youngest crew member,
Christian, 16 of East Blaxland, NSW, for achieving so much and contributing greatly to the success of the Voyage.

We said farewell and stayed in port. That night we held the concert and had a 'fat' time. One would think the YC would be exhausted but no, they stayed awake for as long as humanly possible,
savouring the last moments on board.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis