52° 17' South
52° 25' East

It has been another funfilled and action packed 24 hours for the YC of V21/02. Last night we continued to sail into the wild blue
yonder, tacking a couple of times through the night in order to make our way seaward. The watches were kept busy throughout the night by engaging in the major teamwork exercise prior to command day. It was
a learning experience for everyone and they are now getting very focussed on the remainder of the voyage.

Today, after our ritual morning routine we got into some sail handling in order to try and maximise our speed of advance in some
extremely light airs. We finally achieved the goal of having every available length of canvas set before the wind at 1130 this morning, with a total of 10 sails set. The only sails not set were our storm sails. The ship was quite a magnificent sight in this condition and during the afternoon we were able to take full advantage of the ten
knot onshore breeze.

The ship recieved a real uplift today with many of the YC using the opportunity to refresh themselves under the warm sun by
getting a little wet. Following the post lunch antics, the YC settled in to yet another set of rope races and were then given the low down on what will be expected of them for the Command Day, which is now
looming up ahead. The YC have achieved a major milestone in their voyage today, with the announcement that myself and all my staff now consider them safe to climb aloft without a staff member present. This is a huge step towards achieving their command day goals and they are, justifiably, very proud of themselves.

Youth Crew Entry by Anon:

An incredible journey across the sea. Imagine... blue skies,bright sun, dark blue water surrounding us, the sounds of laughter
and music, and beautiful smell of dinner from the galley... these will be treasured memories of Young Endeavour that will remain with us. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to share this experience with twenty-three other wonderful young Aussies. And of course, the staff and all those who also remain nameless but who have worked to make this voyage possible, a BIG applause for them. THANK YOU. As we are half way through our program... there are still many more things to come. Stay tuned for the next five days...

Youth Crew Entry by Erin Godde, Age 16 of Wangaratta:

Hello Mum, Dad, Leah, Babe, Family and Friends. The feeling on the ship is indescribable. It is amazing when I am standing on the ratlines that are swaying with the wind and the boat is rocking and I
look around and see only the sea, It is a beautiful sight. There is nothing that can describe it. Everyone onboard is fantastic, the crew are so supportive and the Youth Crew are fantastic. I have made so many friends. Climbing up onto the yards is the most awesome experience. Today I had the morning watch so I was up at four and we
had dolphins swimming along side the boat and that was wonderful. I have learn't so many things and the experiences will last me a life time. I had a great big serve of sea sickness in the first couple of
days but I am now over that, Thank God. The food is fantastic and I
am never hungry. The adrenaline is pumping which is great, especially
when I have had hardly any sleep. There are only five more days to go
but they are going to be as wonderful as the others. Looking forward
to seeing you all soon. Thanks to everyone that has made this
experience possible for me. I hope to return a changed person, but
for the better. I love you all and I will see you soon.

6. Youth crew entry by Stephanie Lowe, Aged 23 of Mosman

Well here we are 6 days into the voyage and I feel like I have been
on the boat forever. The past week has presented me with experiences I never thought I would encounter and I have loved every moment of it. In addition to broadening my sailing experience I have been
pushing my comfort zone and crossing boundaries. Today was one of the highlights for me as I climbed the ratlines with no fear or concern
about falling off the yards as I hung there casting loose the
gaskets. The weather has been fantastic, blue skies, beautiful
sunsets, with the occasional shower to cool us off. I have really
enjoyed working within a team environment but have also found it
quite challenging. I know I will be able to take away much of what I
have learn't and be able to apply it to everyday life. Like so many
of the youth crew, at times I have been sleep deprived with aching
muscles wondering when our watch would finally finish, however I have
been lucky enough to find my sea legs straight away, so I haven't
been hit with the dreaded seasickness.
I look forward with excitement to the next 5 days and everything they entail. From happy hour to sea faring tales to beautiful young maidens visiting the boat, each day brings new surprises. Following our visting from Brother Nuncie, the God of Wind today, I forsee the next few days to be like what we have had, unusual, unexpected but always lots of fun.


Braces are the lines secured to each end of the Yard Arm. They are used to pull the yards around to either the Port or Starboard side, in order that the square sails may be set, or to reduce the amount of resistance to the apparent wind. This is called 'Bracing the Yards'.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Thought for the Day:

'Most folks are about as happy as they make up their own minds to

- Abraham Lincoln