20° 9' South
149° 2'
At anchor Catalan Bay, Border Island in the Whitsunday Group. Wind nil, temp 19 degrees, skies clear.
Shortly after completing tacking drills yesterday afternoon the wind died so we started motors and continued on our way to the Whitsundays. At 0330 a gentle land breeze picked up and soon we had all plain sail reset and were cruising at a steady 4 knots. As expected however, come midday the breeze left us with nothing but a glassy smooth sea, so sails were handed and motors resorted to once more. While wind conditions are not ideal the Youth Crew are getting plenty of exercise climbing aloft and handling sails.

With no wind this afternoon and none expected this evening we decided to make for Border Island where we came to anchor in the remote beauty of Catalan Bay at 1745. Enroute the first set of rope races were conducted, the navigator gave a lecture on navigating the ship and we finished off with a refreshing dip in the ocean before continuing to anchor. In the meantime lunch was interspersed with whale sightings, the highlight being a pod of five humpbacks breaching and cavorting some 200 meters from the ship as we ghosted along at 2 knots. So in all its been a busy day.

This evening we will conduct ���three-way talks', an activity which helps us all get to know each other better and then it will be into anchor watches for the evening.

While winds have been very light so far, the Youth Crew are learning the ropes and forming into a close-knit and cheerful team very quickly.

Youth Crew entry by Travis Mark (age 20 from Townsville). The journey so far has been amazing and a very exciting adventure. The 23 other youth crew and I are developing a great friendship. We are learning a lot of sailing techniques such as setting and furling each sail, as well as tacking the ship due to the change in wind direction. We are also all involved in activities/games that help create a friendship between all of us that will last an eternity. Climbing the 30 metre masts to tie/untie the sails is an experience in itself, as it requires courage and confidence in oneself. The staff are also tremendous which is also a great contribution to this amazing adventure. I am extremely honoured and thrilled to be apart of the youth crew on the adventure of the Young Endeavour, and I certainly recommend and encourage all that are eligible to try and be apart of this fabulous experience.

See you tomorrow

Cap'n Bob (and Travis)