Voyage name: 
V09/18 Sydney to Sydney
16 Apr - 26 Apr 2018

Weather - fine, Wind - 210 / 10 kn, Swell - nil, Temp - 18 deg. C

Ahoy there land lubbers,
This is the final instalment of my Captain’s Log, to see out the second part of command day.
With wind in our sails I left our Navigator, Sail Master and Watch Officer, with the Con over the late hours of the night through to the early hours of the morning. Our course and general plans had to be altered many a time by our Youth Command Team, but with the aid of our fearless Watch Leaders and our dedicated Youth Crew, we arrived at our destination outside of Sydney within our time restrictions.
This led to many tired bodies, but with some careful planning and a whole lot of grit, we managed to press on with our task list. Throughout our day we successfully completed the majority of our tasks to Young Endeavour Staff standards.
This included providing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all Youth Crew and Staff over Command Day; making up a wreath for ANZAC Day; Building a hammock to support all of the Youth Crew and many more.
So with the majority of our Tasks completed we handed the ship back to Captain Mike, in tip top shape, and post-handover we were all rewarded with a siesta.
Once rested, we were debriefed by the Young Endeavour Staff, who approved 18 of our 22 Tasks, with 4 tasks still in judging.
Overall, Command Day was a huge success. The 24 hour period was filled with ups and downs but nonetheless a good day was had by all.
There were a few key take away points from Command Day. My favourites were having the ability to adapt and overcome; to never be afraid to ask, when unsure; and to have faith in your team’s ability, skill and knowledge.
As part of our Youth Crew Brief, I had to give a quote to our Youth Crew to aid in fuelling their day. And I could not think of anything more appropriate than a quote from one of my favourite movies (Into the Wild).
“Happiness is only real when shared”
And I believe this quote best depicts not only our Command Day, but our entire voyage (09/18) thus far.
Yours Aye
Youth Capt’n Curtis
Ahoy there Shipmates,
As Captain Curtis detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. Now that we are at anchor in Little Many Cove, Sydney Harbour, we have many post-Command Day activities we need to complete before we can relax.
After dinner we held the Ship’s Operatic Department Show (SODS Opera) on deck. The Staffies opened the evening with a performance typical of the poor acting standards we have displayed all voyage. This was followed by three fantastic performances from the watches.
The intention is to remain at anchor overnight.
Until tomorrow.
Yours Aye
Captain Mike