23° 18' South
150° 50'
Course 180, Speed 7kts, Wind SE 20kts, Temp 17, scattered squally showers
We weighed and sailed from the anchorage at 1000 having celebrated Mel's birthday with a huge cake for morning tea. The SE winds were still with us and the seas a bit lumpy. The ship reached out to the NE making good speed and at 1300 we tacked back to the south.

Setting and furling drills was the big ticket item of the day and this is when the YC prove to me that they are capable of safely setting and furling all of the sails. There were a few errors but for the most part the drills were of a good standard and I'm happy that these guys are ready for their command day.

We continued to work the ship south although in the end we were beaten by some fluky winds and opposing tidal flows and I have reluctantly turned on the engines to motor sail for the last couple of hours to Hummocky Is, where I expect to anchor at 2000.

Command Day elections will be held this evening and then tomorrow at 1000 I will hand over the ship to the YC. This is a good crew who have displayed excellent team work thus far and I think they will do well.

Time to cut and run