15° 35' South
123° 56'
Captain's Log for Friday 6 July 2001

Situation at 1800: 30 miles north of Yampi Sound. Wind Light aand variable. Temperature 27C.
We had some great sailing overnight and a very warm day today. The wind dropped off around midday, so we made the most of the opportunity and jumped in for a quick swim. We are aiming to get into Yampi Sound by morning and each of the watches will conduct a team-building exercise during their watch tonight.


Matthew Rowe

Youth Crew Entry from Louise Whitehead from Scoresby, Melbourne Vic.
Hi guys safe and well on the boat. After getting over feeding the fish for the first two days, are starting to have a great time. Everyone has been so friendly and it's been great getting to know people from all walks of life. It's been a challenge, but am beginning to get used to the heat, what a change from Melbourne this time of the year. It has been an awesome, but challenging adventure so far. Although at times I have been a bit home sick and a bit land sick (not to mention a bit sea sick as well, but that happens), it has been an adventure worthwhile and has presented me with the mental strength and determination that I didn't know I had. The highlights so far for me have been seeing the awesome waterfall, getting to know everyone and everyone working together to get the ship in sail. Am looking forward to getting back on land. Hopefully tomorrow. A huge hug and kiss to my man, Matt and hi to mum, dad, Kel and Al thanks for giving me this opportunity guys. Also hi to the Rock Man (my budgie) and hi to Sarah and Chris. Hope everyone's fine and I'll see you guys in a week.

Youth Crew Entry from Danielle Chapman from ORROROO SA (Yeah!)
Well this has been a ball even with the upchucking (luckily I wasn't one of these lucky people) and the sticky heat it is some thing that will remain with all of us for the rest of our lives. Well today started out well with the winds of a nearby storm giving us a lift but by mid-morning the wind had died off yet again (surprise surprise) and we were forced to turn on the motor. After an enthralling lecture about sails by our Captain Matt, we went below to enjoy Donny's Disco. The 'Bum Dancing' by Ben along with star performances from many others rounded off the morning. Later we went for a swim in the sea, providing us with a much-needed cool down. We graduated today (YEAH) and are able to climb the mast without our watch leaders but don't worry Nan I promise not to fall. Love to family and friends and all those in Orroroo, I'll be home soon so don't miss me too much.