Voyage name: 
29 September - 03 October

Currently north east of Port Kembla and experiencing light 5-10kt NE winds with a 1m SE swell. 

Ahoy Shipmates,
This morning was warm and fine and all hands were on deck at 06:30 for a light Early Morning Activity (EMA) session and team building activity. After breakfast, the YC participated in the ceremony of Colours (raised flags and sang National Anthem) and morning brief before turning to for their first set of cleaning stations (happy hour). The anchor was weighed at 1000 and the ship proceeded out of Sydney Harbour and commenced its passage south to Jervis Bay. Under the guidance of their Watch Leaders, the YC spent the remainder of the forenoon conducting sail setting and furling drills and learning the intricacies of tall ship sailing. By 16:00 we were 10nm to the south east of Botany Bay, so to culminate the days training I called the Ship to tacking stations (put bow through the wind), this evolution is designed to ensure the YC have a basic level of understanding in the likely event that the ship will be required to wear or tack during the first night at sea. The YC completed three successful tacks and one wear (put the stern through the wind), thus proving the watch and station bill, and signifying the end of the intense instruction of the first 24 hours. On completion of this activity it was time for dinner, and once again Chef Jarrod produced another memorable meal. By 19:30 we were 15nm to the north east of Port Kembla and in relatively light conditions are still making good ground to the south.

As I finish this Captains Log for this evening, a tired but happy Youth Crew have settled into their watches for this evening and are currently experiencing their first full night at sea onboard YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav