Voyage name: 
17 March - 02 April
NW'ly winds 20-23kts, partly cloudy, nil swell, light choppy sea

Day two of Voyage 05-07 commenced at the early hour of 0630 - a time according to some of the Youth Crew, that was way to early! After some early morning games including a name game it was time for breakfast! With a first class Cheffo, it was almost like eating at a restaurant.

Morning Brief at 0800 started with the Australian National anthem and the plan for the day. From there it was onto Happy Hour - cleaning stations, Captain Safety and Line Handling and Deck Safety. Lunch was a welcome break from a very busy forenoon. After lunch, Young Endeavour weighed anchor and with winds gusting to 35kts, commenced a slow passage up the NE coast.

After some intense sail setting and furling it was time to roll into Tacking station where the Youth Crew learn how to turn the ship through the wind. A man power intensive evolution that was achieved safely and expediantly.

Because it's all abou the food on Young Endeavour, Chad the Cheffo was a huge hit for dinner. With a ravenous crew and some culinary delights on offer it was time to either go on watch or get some shut eye over night.

Until tomorrow...

Voyage Captain