Voyage name: 
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
24 Jun - 04 Jul 2018
28 26.9' S
153 38.8' E

Weather- rain; Wind - SW / 15 kn; Swell - easterly at 1.5 m; Temp - 15 deg. C

Ahoy there shipmates,


After a relatively comfortable night at sea we followed the usual morning at-sea routine of Morning Brief followed by Happy Hour and then we anchored off Byron Bay township at 1000. We had intended to put the youth crew ashore for a leg stretch and a chance to enjoy a coffee or a milk shake. Unfortunately a closer look at potential landing spots put pay to that. A 2.0 metre easterly swell was wrapping around the coastline and was present all along the beach, preventing us from being able to land people there safely.


Once we had recovered the Seaboat, Watch Officer James and his offsider Brendan gave a nautical Rules of the Road brief to the crew just before lunch. That was followed by a Staff demonstration of what we call the 3 Way Chats, a public speaking and ‘ice breaker’ activity. The crew are split up into groups of three, one from each watch, and they have to learn about the other members of their group to enable them to talk for 2-3 minutes about them. They don’t find out which person they have to talk about so they have to learn about all members in their group.


After lunch we held the second round of ‘Ropies’, which was followed by some free time for the crew to meet with their 3 Way groups and learn about each other. We kicked off 3 Way Chats at 1530 and everyone had done a great job of preparation. We all learned a lot about each other and found out about things and interests we have in common. It started pouring rain as we got to the last group so we finished that one quickly and ducked below out of the weather.


At 1730 Marcus brought out a cake he had decorated with candles. We then sang Happy Birthday to Teresa who turned 20 today. Dinner followed and due to the continuing rain we had our BBQ below decks. Once we had cleaned up from dinner the staffies weighed anchor and we returned to sea to undertake the overnight passage to the Gold Coast Seaway, where we intend to anchor tomorrow. It is planned we will remain there overnight and have a chance to put the youth crew ashore there.


Until tomorrow.


Yours Aye,


Captain Mike