Voyage name: 
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
24 Feb - 06 Mar 2018
35 34.3' S
137 00.3' E

weather - fine and partly cloudy, wind - south easterly at 18 kn, swell - negligible, Temp - 18 deg C

Ahoy there!

                     Welcome to day two of our voyage. It was a couple of AC-DC classics from Guv's playlist that awoke the Youth Crew for their first Early Morning Activity (EMA) at 0600 this morning. Breakfast followed then the Staff Crew weighed anchor at 0815 and we commenced our transit across St Vincent Gulf. Once we had set the fore-and-aft sails, which included the Jib, Fore Staysail, Main Staysail and the Main Sail, the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the morning brief, hosted by Sail Master Guv.  Once the brief was completed we conducted boy/girl chats, followed by Happy Hour (cleaning stations) and by then it was lunch time.

This afternoon as we transited south through the St Vincent Gulf the Youth Crew spent time with their respective Watch Leaders learning deck safety and how to set and furl sails. By 1545 it was reported to me that all of the watches could safely set and furl all fore and aft sails so given this information we called the ship to tacking stations and the Youth Crew successfully completed their first set of tacks as a crew.

Due to the wind direction and the forecast direction for the next few days it was decided to depart St Vincent Gulf to the west of Kangaroo Is.

Overnight the Youth Crew will settle into their sea watches as we make best speed along the South Australian Coast.      

Until tomorrow evening, take care.


Yours Aye

Captain Mike