38° 20' South
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Current situation at 1800: At sea in Bass Strait, south of Gabo Island, near the VIC/NSW border. Temp 13C. Wind easterly at 10 knots.
Today was great! The sun shone and with a following breeze we ran east under full sail for most of the day. Mid afternoon Damo, the swimmer, jumped overboard to rescue a life-ring during a man overboard drill. We were going to stop for a swim but Damo said it was too cold, so we carried on.

Tonight we will enter NSW waters and round Cape Howe and head for Eden and this will be our third night at sea and the YC are doing very well with seasickness gone and everyone enjoying the climbing and sailing and newly formed friendships.

Youth Crew entry by Lee-Anne, 23, Belmont NSW, Well it is now Thursday and I am finally starting to adjust to sea-life. It is amazing how quickly I have adjusted to determine what is important to get through each and what can simply wait. The first few days were really tough out here as we went through Bass Straight. I started to wonder how I would get through the rest of the voyage given that every time I stood up I was sick. But within 24 hours I recovered and I have to say I am having the time of my life getting to know myself better and meeting some really special people who are also wanting to strengthen their spirit. I am looking forward to stretching my legs on land again soon at Eden and saying goodbye to the dolphins temporarily, which play with our bow regularly. Love to my whole family and friends and fella, hi to McDonald Johnson Solicitors in Newcastle (plug) can't wait to tell you all about my fantastic experiences. Lee-Anne (Ma as they call me occasionally out here).

Stay tuned,
Andrew Davis