28° 45' South
114° 30'
CO's Log 29 July 2001

Situation at 1800 Sunday 28 July 2001: Course 220 Speed 4. Conditions: wind northwest 20 knots, overcast, temp 19 degrees.
Our visit to Geraldton has been very successful. Last night Command Team elections were held, the results of which were provided to you by Youth Crew Scott Lollback in yesterday's log entry, and a good nights rest has been enjoyed by everyone within the tranquil confines of the Harbour. This morning the ship was given a good clean and in the afternoon we invited the public to inspect her. A steady flow of the town's people took advantage of the opportunity.

At 1700 we slipped all lines and once more headed out to sea where, once clear of the channel, I handed over to Youth Crew Captain Ben, stopped the engines and invited the Youth Crew to take control and proceed with their mission. For now that is to make best speed to the south towards Fremantle. Now they are all busy on deck setting sail and getting their navigation sorted out.

Given their current dedication to this task we won't distract them for now but will catch up on the Youth Crew entry tomorrow and see how they are faring.

Until then

Cap'n Bob