Voyage name: 
22 August - 21 October 2015
23 degrees 7 minutes South
41 degrees 59 minutes West

Currently located 55nm from Rio motor sailing in moderate to light SE conditions with a 2m SE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.

Welcome to day 58 of our voyage and the last night at sea for our World Voyage Crew of Passage Six

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 58 of our voyage and the last night at sea for our World Voyage Crew of Passage Six. It seems like the weather gods know that this voyage is coming to an end because overnight we were hit by a strong southerly which gave us strong headwinds for a couple of hours and cooled the temperature down considerably. Luckily we were due to alter course to the west just after 0600 this morning so to be honest it did not effect us to much with the exception of having to put up with an unpleasant 2m southerly swell today.

Being the World Voyagers last day at sea they have been busy packing and doing those final little job’s like writing ‘letters to themselves’ that will be returned to them in six months time. We have also fitted in the presentation of Certificate of Achievements and a fantastic slide show that Sam put together showing all the amazing experiences throughout this voyage.

Tonight we are trying to make it a quiet one for the Crew because we have an early start tomorrow morning with plans to film the ship sailing into Rio prior to berthing. Once alongside we will have to clear Custom’s and Quarantine then complete our normal arrival requirements of harbour furls, rigging awnings, storing ship and then setting up for tomorrow nights reception so you can see that it will be another busy day.

Currently we are located 55nm from Rio motor sailing in light – moderate SE conditions. The good news is that we will arrive on schedule at 1000 tomorrow so Evan our new Navigator can now relax.

Writing the final Captains Log for this voyage is Brad, Nina & Gilly who have done a great job of covering our final day at sea and sharing with you their feelings at having to say goodbye to this beautiful ship that has been their home since joining it 58 days ago back in Amsterdam.

From all of the Staff Crew of STS Young Endeavour we would like to thank the World Voyagers of Passage Six for their efforts, support, sense of humour and most importantly your friendship throughout this voyage. You have been great ambassadors for the Ship, Youth Scheme and Australia and we have loved sharing this amazing adventure with you. Please take care and stay in touch, we look forward to catching up when we get the ship home to Australia.

The Staffies!!!


To all of our Captain’s Log followers until the commencement of Passage Seven of the World Voyage on Saturday 24th October, take care.


Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Land Ahoy! Visual landfall was made not 5 minutes ago, the first sighting of our final destination – as the spotter, Adzie will receive the (last remaining) Twix of Triumph. This contributes a large day of wins for Red Watch; Ultimate Champions of Advanced Rope Races with Horto, Red are awarded the coveted Topgallant Yard for our entry into Rio de Janiero as well as bragging rights. We couldn’t have done it without the stoic efforts of Brad, eating a cupful of dry imitation Milo in the shortest amount of time.

Our voyage is concluding in a similar style to the way it stared; strong winds, heavy swell, grey skies and rain generated overnight. This reflects the mood of many World Voyagers, heartbroken this trip is drawing to a close - the deck is salty with Atlantic spray and the tears of many a voyager. The sea legs we’ve proudly been developing over the last 58 days also seem to have abandoned us in this huge rolling swell and many will be returning home with fresh bruises.

With a sense of dread, packs were retrieved out of storage and frantic packing has begun. With land in sight we know it’s only a matter of time before we have to start wearing socks again. Engineer Horto has been seen skulking around the 12 and 6-berths, looking for clothing to reappropriate as rags with moderate success. We’re not sure why he asked them to be cleaned in advance?

On top of the packing, today’s activities included writing letters to ourselves that will be sent out in 6 months time, reflecting on our amazing time aboard as well our goals for the future. A special gathering of staff and crew followed shortly after, to present the World Voyagers with certificates of completion for V06/15.

We then enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner whipped up by our amazing chefo’s, complete with chocolate brownies for dessert – what a way to finish a big day! We are now waiting with great anticipation for the slideshow Sam has put together featuring photos taken by all voyagers throughout the trip before heading below decks for some (in our opinion) much deserved sleep.

It’s strange to think that 58 days ago we were all strangers stepping aboard the ship to set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Our Sail master Dougie told us that the ship was now our ship and to treat it and our new shipmates with respect. After so long the ship truly does feel like our home and our fellow voyagers like family. It will be a strange feeling waking up in the morning and not seeing everyone’s smiling faces around us.

On behalf of all world voyagers of V06/15 we would like to thank all Staff members involved in our leg for making us all feel so welcome. For having patience with us when we were a bit slow on the uptake and for pushing us that little bit further to help us accomplish something we didn’t think we could. And most of all for being our friends and making this trip a once in a lifetime experience we’ll never forget.

Saying farewell for the final time,

Brad, Nina and Gilly.


Gilly: Hello to all my friends and family back home! Very excited to be coming home soon so I can tell you all about my adventure! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you! Xx

Brad: Hey friends and fam back home, hope you’re all well. Can’t believe this journey is nearly over, time has flown by, but at the same time boarding the ship in Amsterdam seems like so long ago. This has been an absolutely amazing adventure with so many people I’m glad to call mates, will miss them all sorely when I leave for home. Still have a few days in Rio yet, but also excited to be heading home. Love you all, and will catch up with you all in another 10 days.

Caitlin: Hey to all back home, hope all’s well your end! Can’t believe it’s all coming to an end so soon; time flies. Have so much to share with you all, so prepare for all the marathon phone calls to come over the next couple of days or so! Love to all xxxxx

Maddy: Hi to my fans back home! One more sleep ‘til Rio – start playing the song Mum! Lots of love to everybody and I’ll speak to you very soon. Give Jasper a pat too. Love xxxx

Vita: Beautiful familia and friends, land has been sighted and we are due to moor in Rio on the morrow!!! I will be in touch after a few well deserved caprinhas ;) Vxx

Jess: BIG shout out to Anna Courtice Happy 21st Birthday, can’t wait to get home and help you celebrate. See you Saturday!!!!

Brittney: Last Hola to Mumma and Dadda! Will call you in Rio! Wooooohoooooooo! Love you long time!!!!

Zac: hello mum and reg loves you both ill give you a call when I get to Rio. Also shoutout to da boyzzz!