Ahoy shipmates...Cap K has been temporarily replaced...over to Captain Hoff. ----------Day 8 - Command day.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 7 and Command Day looms! Tomorrow we venture to sea...yeeha! Not much for me to say tonight…Charli and Aiden have covered it all below.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 6…still in Broken Bay. The sea and wind outside the bay remain a bit untidy, so we continued to keep the youth crew busy in smooth waters of the bay.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 5. After an excellent night heading north under square sails, we arrived safely at anchor in Broken Bay at 0700 this morning. Gotta say…it’s a bit brisk!
Ahoy shipmates…Day 4 and some awesome sailing conditions.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 3, Jervis Bay.
Ahoy shipmates…Day 2. As promised, a busy one. After a restful night at anchor in Athol Bay, the sailmaster had us up at 0630 for a pre-sunrise early morning activity.
Ahoy shipmates...normal transmission has resumed! We have spent the last 5 weeks since Voyage 3/21 giving the old girl a little TLC (maintenance) and she is looking quite sprightly.