Ahoy shipmates...Day 10, the penultimate day of the voyage...always bittersweet. Alex and TY have covered the day (and voyage) quite succinctly below, so I'll be brief.
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day...big tick! But I'm still on holidays...over to the youth crew Command team. Fair winds, Captain Kenny.----------We’ve made it!!
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day, which means the youth crew are in charge...over to Captain Georgia! Captains Log Day 8
Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from Yankalilla Bay. Well, our southern ocean adventure has come to an end.
Ahoy shipmates...the dash across the southern ocean continues!
Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from a compliant southern ocean. It can get pretty nasty down here, but today mother nature has been kind.
Ahoy shipmates...we made it, Bass Strait done and dusted (for now).
Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from Bass Strait.
Ahoy shipmates, welcome to a wet Day 2. After a restful night at anchor, a 0630 wakey wakey had everyone up and about ready for a busy day. Josh and Tess have covered events below so I'll be brief.