Hello Shipmates for the last time,

By Captain Will ‘we have a problem’ Houston and Sail Mistress Em

Good evening salty seadogs,

Good evening Shipmates,

G’day Shipmates,

Day 5 Sunday 22 Apr 12

Hello me hearties,

Good evening Shipmates,

Good evening shipmates, during the first watch yesterday evening the wind all but died and reluctantly the main engines were started.

Hello Shipmates, well what a day it has been. Wakey wakey was at 0630 and in very quick time the YC were up on deck clearing the sleep from their eyes on a typically beautiful Queensland day.

G\\'day Shipmates, it is Captain Andrew \\'Gunna\\' Rourke here back having a stint in Command of my most favourite ship whilst Damien is having a well deserved break.