Ahoy Me Hearties,
Good Morning Shipmates,

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Here we are at fantastic Middle Percy Is, where we anchored just after 10.00 am this morning.

Ahoy Shipmates,

The second leg of the voyage 11 command day had a heart-racing start as a strong southerly hampered all efforts to gain ground to the windward.
After elections of two command teams on Whitehaven Beach this morning, the youth crew of voyage 11/07 have sent the staff crew packing and have officially taken over this 240 tonne floating masterpiec
Another beautiful day dawned on Wednesday with the ship at anchor off Orpheus Island.
Our second night at sea since the voyage started and there has certainly been plenty of work to do.
Well, what a busy start to the voyage!

It's our last full day aboard the Young Endeavour and it's almost time for the final harrah but there was still one day of activity ahead of us.