Ahoy Me Hearties,

To tell you about the last 24 hours in the life if YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, here are YC Mark, Liam, and Nick:

Ahoy Shipmates,

Well, what a busy 24 hours it has been!
Ahoy Shipmates,

Ahoy Shipmates,

Here to tell you about the day and voyage so far is YC Ashleigh:

Hello to all back on the dry land,

Definition of a plan = Basis for change.

Ahoy Shipmates,

Hello there everyone,
Ahoy you scurvy lubbers,

Here to tell you about Command Day Part 2 is Captain Alan (assisted by Meischa):
Ahoy Ye Scurvy Lubbers,

Another day at sea for the 26 young Australians on Voyage 12/06!