YOUNG ENDEAVOUR embarked 24 excited and fresh faces this afternoon at Hamilton Island, Queensland.

Youth Crew for Voyage 09/07 are asked to join at E Finger, Hamilton Is Marina by 1500 Tuesday 19 June.

See you there shipmates,


Phil Gaden
Ahoy me Hearties,

Shiver me giblets!

What an awesome voyage we have had so far. To tell you all about their experince so far, here is YC Leigh:

Hi everybody!

Ahoy Shipmates,

Well, after a few hiccups, we got the ship underway and sailing the beautiful coastal seas of the Whitsundays.

Ahoy Me Hearties,

Another great day in Voyage 07/07 - to tell you all about it, here is YC Daniel:

Hello everyone and those who will look back at this log in the future!

Ahoy Me Hearties,

We have just has a great afternoon ashore on the beach at Great Keppel, and are now on our way to Middle Percy Is, where we will anchor about lunchtime tomorrw.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Here is YC Belinda to tell you about her voyage so far:

Hi everyone!

Ahoy me Hearties,