Captains Log Wednesday 18 October 2006
Below is the log written by the Youth Crew commanding officers from Command Day V 17/06

Last night was spent catching up on some of the sleep reserves that were lower than normal after the extended Bass Strait crossing. This morning we woke at 0600 and were underway by 0640.
Last night fulfilled the final dash to Australia! We sighted Gabo Island at about 1730 and by about 1900 we were into NSW waters.

The Youth Crew of Young Endeavour have battled their way through one of the roughest bodies of water in the world and come out on top!

After an adventurous night last night that required all personnel up on deck to help hand in sails, we settled down to some heavy weather sailing.

After a slightly uncomfortable night due to a lumpy and confused sea we awoke to the mouth watering smells of Chad's cooking.
After a long night of first climbs, full value contracts and some all important knot tying, we were awoken at 0630 by the dulcet tones of white watch.
On a lovely and sunny, yet somewhat wintery day, the youth crew of Voyage 17/06 joined Young Endeavour at Elizabeth Wharf in Hobart.
Ahoy Ye Lubbers,

Welcome to the final Captain's log for Voyage 16/06.