Ahoy Shipmates!

Well, Voyage 01/06 is off and running - after a busy day on Auckland
Harbour for anniversary day, the new Youth Crew joined and and we set
From Sean Barrett, YC Voyage 00/06

Australia day. Was filled full of preperations and cleaning of the
ship for the much anticipated cocktail party. Also celebrating the
Ahoy Shipmates -

What a day - in between the high winds and showers we have been
having, we took the opportunity to get out and see some of Auckland
My name is Jack Kindellan.
Navigator - Command Day.

Another day in NZ, another day at anchor. Yesterday was an amazing
'We're not going to make it'. Sung to the tune of 'We're not going
to take it' from some blokey band I don't know the name of (but I'm

As of 1300 this afternoon the youth crew aboard voyage 00/06 assumed
control of Young Endeavour. To an exceptional display of staff

Hello Everyone,

Well, what a difference a day makes! Over the last 24 hours we have
motor sailed a fantastic 242 NM (400KM) at an average speed of about

Ahoy Shipmates!

What a frustraing and exhilarating 24 hours! Overnight we had to hand
all sail and motor directly into the wind and sea - very

Ahoy Shipmates!

Just when I thought things were going well, the weather has done it's
thing - we are now hard on the breeze, motor sailing at a fast 8.5

Hi Everyone

What a great couple of days it has been! After a slow start with some
contrary winds and currents, we are now well into the Tasman Sea with