Situation at 20:00-
Greetings from celebrity log writer Lukey the Salty Sea dog, here in Devonport, one of the Northern cities of Tasmania.
Situation at 20:00
Situation at 22:00
Situation at 20:00-

Overnight the wind stayed fair and we were able to furl the 'Iron Jib' and continue Southbound under sail only. The watches
I would not be surprised if you are experiencing a sense of deja vu about the situation at 20:00.
The Youth Crew enjoyed a quiet night at anchor and are now well rested and ready for the next portion of the voyage. Today was somewhat unique in that we celebrated three birthdays.
As we continued our way South towards Twofold Bay, the changing wind required the watches to set and furl different sails throughout the night.
Overnight we made good progress South towards Twofold Bay.
Overnight the watches were very busy completing their programmed activities. Each watch climbed aloft to the T'Gallant yard and practised casting loose and securing gaskets.