Since yesterday's log our youth crew have been very busy.
We departed Darwin Naval Base this afternoon after a very busy week-long maintenance period. Many thanks go out to the people of Darwin for your hospitality and assistance throughout our stay.
We're here. It's been a long way, an odyssey perhaps, but we've learned a lot about ourselves and others on this Voyage.
We arrived in Darwin at lunch today and harbour furled the sails and had some end of voyage discussions and reflected on our Voyage from Weipa to Darwin.
Our final night at sea for this Voyage approaches as the sun sets. It's been a long and memorable one and the YC have been great shipmates and true Tall Ship sailors.
Command Days completed today with the YC successfully reaching their objective at Port Essington.
Today was HUGE. The YC's aim was to sail into the wind and pass through the narrow Hole-in-the-Wall. We tacked a bazillion times - well about 14 times and transited the straight mid-afternoon.
I transferred Command of Young Endeavour to Adam Woolley, 21, and YC of Voyage 10/01 at 1600 today.
Overnight we cracked 10.4 knots as 35-knot winds hit us around midnight. The Whities furled all the squares and we made ground towards tonight's anchorage, in this seldom visited part of Australia.
The seas have really picked up since leaving port. We are getting along at 9-10 knots and experiencing some brilliant sailing weather.