All are now settling nicely into the rhythm of watch keeping life at sea. Some have suffered mild seasickness but they seem well on their way to getting their sealegs.
The last 24 hours have been an intense learning period for the Youth Crew. Overnight watches were commenced and we started to settle into life aboard ship.
Well Voyage 12 of 2001 has certainly gotten off to a challenging start. The ship spent today alongside the Broome Wharf being buffeted by 25 knot winds.
We expected to see the green flash at sunset today, though we were again disappointed. Folklore suggests many mystical powers of this phenomenon.

We arrived in Beagle Bay this morning and sailed into a comfortable anchorage for the day.
We were underway early this morning and sailed past the open cut mine on Cockatoo Island.
Last night each watch conducted a team-building exercise as part of having progressed to 'phase two' of the voyage.
We had some great sailing overnight and a very warm day today. The wind dropped off around midday, so we made the most of the opportunity and jumped in for a quick swim.
After a big day yesterday, our youth crew spent their night each keeping a four hour watch setting and furling sails, steering the ship and applying their new found navigational knowledge to determine
We made good progress again overnight arriving off King George River at first light this morning. Today was a classic example of a beaut WA day.