Last night, our third at sea in a row, was spent in some fairly good sailing conditions. The YC are growing confident and starting to warm to life onboard.
Today spirits rose considerably. The wind abated leaving enormous rolling swells that the ship journeyed up and over all day.
We had a good day sailing and relaxing after Big Tuesday. The wind is doing strange things though. It is veering (going anticlockwise) when it should be backing.
After a wet day on deck learning the ropes, we got underway and started setting some sails. By 1600 we were in the open sea and the Youth Crew (YC) demonstrated that they were able to tack the ship.
Hi everyone. I'm back after a break and looking forward to sailing with the Youth of Australia again.
Last night, after all the chores were done, we all let our hair down with an end of voyage concert.
Last night we continued towards Fremantle in moderating conditions.
After completing two excellent tacks in very difficult conditions, the Youth Crew completed the first part of their mission to pass through the assigned waypoint.
There has certainly been plenty of wind to challenge our Youth Crew on their Command Day (and Staff Crew for that matter).
Our visit to Geraldton has been very successful.