We awoke in the vicinity of Kangaroo Island after our first night at sea and were met by a small pod of dolphins that stayed with us and played in the bow-wave for most of the forenoon.
Greetings all and apologies to anyone who spotted the Spencer Gulf mistake in last night's entry. Today has been a big day of learning about safety onboard, line handling and sail setting.
Our new youth crew joined us this afternoon and soon after we headed down the river toward the Spencer Gulf. We will spend tonight in the anchorage here, with the lights of Adelaide as our backdrop.
Our night at anchor was perfect. The sunset was awesome and the concert was well prepared and hilarious.
Command Day completed this morning after an the YC sailed the ship up from Kangaroo Island and at the stroke of 0630 hours this morning anchored the ship in her allotted anchorage.
After all the wind we've had during the Voyage, we got very little of it today.
During our transit of Investigator Strait, a narrow stretch of water separating the mainland from KI, the YC conducted their 'Bear' teamwork exercises in cold and rainy conditions.
Happy Fathers Day! We made landfall today. For the first time in 6 days we were alerted by the call from the mast top 'land ahoy' and laid our eyes on Kangaroo Island.
Overnight the wind abated a little and our huge swells reduced in size to about 4 metres. Tomorrow is our seventh day at sea and we've got a busy day ahead before we reach KI on Monday morning.
I guess the YC are getting an adventure. We are in the middle of an A-class, Number 1 storm as they say in 'the' movie.