Welcome to this Voyage from Cairns to Weipa. We got underway from the wharf a couple of hours late as some flights into town were delayed.
Upon entry to port the yards were manned with the Youth Crew: Blueys on the Topgallant, Whities on the Topsail and Reddies on the Course, as Young Endeavour sailed up Cairns Harbour to meet friends an
The Youth Crew Command Day ended this morning when the ship was sailed to an anchorage off Cairns at the appointed hour.
Command Day ��� The day the youth crew can put into practice all they have learnt on the voyage.
Early this morning we departed out anchorage and sailed into Cairns to fix our radar. Today was a very productive day and the Youth Crew had some fun ashore too.
The 'Bear' teamwork exercises went really well overnight as we sailed by Dunk Island, Mourilyan and Innisfail.
We anchored last night for the first time since leaving Townsville. We caught up on some sleep and after an early morning dip and a BBQ breakfast on deck, we got going.
Overnight we sailed north to the Great Palm Islands and arrived at our anchorage at 11am.
Dawn broke and we were off the beautiful Magnetic Island - again. We anchored at 9am and we had a set of rope races - Blue Watch is in the lead after a three-way tie yesterday.

Our first night at sea was uneventful however the Youth Crew wanted to climb and climb they did.