I guess the YC are getting an adventure. We are in the middle of an A-class, Number 1 storm as they say in 'the' movie.
We've found winter and are awaiting the storm. That LOW pressure system you can see on your TV sets is coming up behind us and she's got a bone in her mouth.
Our northerly winds today have brought us clear skies, cool temps and generally smooth seas, however the wind is increasing at the moment and we are in for a bumpy night.
Today, Tuesday, is always a big day on the YE. More so since we spent last night underway instead of at anchor, making distance in our long journey. Clear skies this morning heralded a great day.
This afternoon our new bunch of adventurers joined. This crew are a little different because 11 of the 25 new crew are returnees, meaning that they have sailed on YOUNG ENDEAVOUR before.
After our YC returned from the beach and shops (only their second time ashore this voyage) where end of voyage talks were also conducted, we had a great dinner and then up on deck we were enthralled b
For the Command Day the YC got wind from every quarter making their task difficult.
The YC have been in Command of Young Endeavour since 0600 this morning and are doing an excellent job. There are lots of islands around here, which makes it quite a picturesque place.
Today, after setting and furling drills, where the YC proved that they could safely and competently set and furl all sails, we continued our passage east.
This morning we departed Albany after a good night's' rest and sailed from the Sound. (no whales this time).