After completing two excellent tacks in very difficult conditions, the Youth Crew completed the first part of their mission to pass through the assigned waypoint.
There has certainly been plenty of wind to challenge our Youth Crew on their Command Day (and Staff Crew for that matter).
Our visit to Geraldton has been very successful.
Yesterday's gale force winds were short lived and by midnight we had reset most fore and aft sail and indeed soon after were motoring as the wind died to less than 6 knots.
We continued making our way to the Abrolhos Island Group last night, the wind light at first but freshening towards morning.
The breeze eventually came in last night at 0230, so we promptly shut down the engines, set more sail and by morning were bowling along at 8 knots before a stiff quartering breeze with all sail set.
Yesterday the weather was perfect for a day at anchor, the merest zephyr just sufficient to keep things cool and flat seas, which provided for a very relaxing day at Monkey Mia and another enjoyable d
Last night we entered Shark Bay which, with head winds, limited room to manoeuvre and numerous vessels in the area, meant we motored overnight.
The last 24 hours has been spent working our way south down the coast and as anticipated it has largely been against headwinds.
Yesterday evening we rounded North West Cape with the massive aerial farm of Harold E. Holt dominating the skyline before disappearing into the dark as we continued south-west.