After a few days in Hervey Bay it was time to say goodbye. The weather has abated overnight and the Youth Crew are well rested after a night at anchor.
Last night the balmy conditions changed dramatically - from tee shirts and shorts we are now all rugged up against a very nippy southerly wind.
Overnight the ship motor-sailed east across Hervey Bay in calm conditions, however those fish were still mighty hungry and wanted to be fed - from aloft this time.
Overnight all youth crew successfully climbed to the top of the mast and out on to the topgallant yard to tie and untie some gaskets and to share some jokes aloft.
Hi everybody. Let me begin by thanking Andrew Rourke for giving me the opportunity to be Captain for this voyage from Gladstone to Brisbane, in preparation for me assuming Command on 7 Sep.
Last night was tropically balmy and the perfect setting for a night of entertainment. The end of voyage concert was a whole lot of fun and there were some very good acts.
We weighed anchor at 0830 and motored the short distance to the Gladstone Wharf berthing at 0900. Kath, the navigator, did the driving and did a fine job.
Overnight the ship tacked five times and not one of them at a watch changeover (the best time to tack). This was not the fault of the YC Captain, as I would have played a similar hand.
Command Day elections were held in the cafe yesterday evening after the ship anchored off Hummocky Is at 2000.
We weighed and sailed from the anchorage at 1000 having celebrated Mel's birthday with a huge cake for morning tea. The SE winds were still with us and the seas a bit lumpy.