Voyage name: 
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
24 Jun - 04 Jul 2018

Ahoy there,

From our last update we have had quite an eventful journey. After a strong start we were faced with varying wind and current conditions not convenient to move in the given time frame. White Watch, the watch on deck for the forenoon watch put in a heavy effort furling all the sails that had previously been set to take us the first third of our distance. Luckily the Staffies managed to find an “extra jerry can” and the engines were switched on in order to put us back in more favourable wind conditions.

Blue Watch after taking the helm in the midst of a changing sailing plan then had to do the complete opposite. They eventually reset the sails and our reliance on the engines was removed once again. In the early hours of the morning we navigated around the shoals off the northern tip of Moreton Island with Red Watch putting in a big effort just as the other watches had done previously. The final way point was reached slightly after our planned arrival of 0700; nonetheless the navigating component of Command Day was now complete.

Whilst making our way through the channel with the guidance of the Staffies all crew enjoyed breakfast lovingly prepared by the three Youth chefs. In normal fashion at sea, morning brief was held but this time was steered by the youth team with special guests whom we found lurking below deck.

Our anchor point was reached off Moreton Island at Tangalooma at approximately 1030. The remainder of our time in charge was spent trying to complete as many tasks on the task list as possible. These tasks for the day included building a hammock out of rope on deck which could hold the entire youth crew of 26 members, a mural of the voyage memories so far and having the entire crew man the yards (climb aloft). Our command ended with a daylight disco party below decks and the official handing over of command back to the Young Endeavour Staff at 1400.

In signing off we would like to thank the crew for thier efforts and making us proud to lead them through a voyage not quite like anything else we will ever do in our lives. Thank you for the opportunity!
Yours Aye,

Captain Emily and Sail Master Daniel

Ps. Happy 17th Birthday Sarah – love Em x
Captain Emily and Sail Master Daniel.


Ahoy there Shipmates,

As Youth Captain Emily and Sail Master Daniel detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. Now that we are anchored at Tangalooma in Moreton Bay we have many post-Command Day activities we need to complete before we can relax. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight and sail tomorrow morning to allow the youth crew to host the half-day sailors and show them how much fun it is to sail Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye
Captain Mike