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Alongside, STBD Side to Mackay Marina No 5 Berth.
Situation at 10:00 -

This is it... The end of voyage 12/03. This morning we farewelled a fantastic Youth Crew who have, to a one, impressed all the staff crew with their enthusiasm, demeanour and tenacity. It speaks volumes of their attitude that this morning when they all left
the Ship, the tears flowed and at this point many of them are still seated within visual distance of the Ship.

From a personal perspective, I feel that if this is the calibre of people that form the core of Australia's future leaders, we are in extremely good hands, and I will certainly remember this voyage as an experience shared with a wonderful set of young adults.

As my last voyage in Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR draws to an end, I would like to take the time to thank the following people. To the Youth Crew, thankyou for making my final voyage in command such a memorable one. To the Staff Crew, many of whom are relatively new to the Ship, well done on a fantastic effort. I have thoroughly enjoyed
working with you and with only one voyage left as XO, I prepare to leave the Ship in the knowledge that it has a bright future. To
Captain John (our normal Captain) Thank you for one last opportunity to lead such a fine bunch of people both YC and SC in such a
fantastic program and onboard a Ship which is very near to my heart. To my wife Shell and son Tristan, not long now till I get home for a longer stay. I miss you both and can't wait to settle back in at home.

Finally, I hope you have enjoyed the journey. To all the parents and friends out there who may be reading this, be very proud
of your sons, daughters or friends. They deserve it.

Here ends the voyage...

Final Thoughts:

'It's something unpredictable, and in the end it's right, we hope you've had the time of your life...'

- Green Day
No more to follow,

Paul Barrie

Acting Commanding Officer