Voyage name: 
3 - 13 Jun 16
32 40 S
152 02 E

Overcast with passing showers. Wind NNW 10-12 kts. Temp 17.

Good evening viewers,

Overnight with the ship at anchor for a second night, youth crew remained in their watches to learn watch duties and consolidate skills learnt to date. It was wet. Some loopy youthies even went for a climb in the rain (led by watch leader, Marcos, who is a little loopy himself).

Oh and by the way, we woke up in a different anchorage, which was a little strange for some. Last night around 2300 we experienced 50 knots of easterly squall which our anchor just couldn’t hold and we began to drag. As we were keeping a keen ‘weather eye’ on our anchor security, staff immediately pounced into action and began manoeuvring to recover the anchor. We got under way a few short minutes later and we then transited some 3 miles to our alternate anchorage position to the north west of Port Stephens, in the vicinity of North Arm Cove. This anchorage proved very secure in the prevailing easterly winds (and now, while I write this, westerly winds). Ok.

After happy hour, Kenny aka Knuckle, gave our sea-puppy-protégés a lecture on the ‘Rules of the Road’ or ‘how to avoid collisions at sea’. Kyle the Navigator was next with an introduction to position finding and coastal navigation. Perfectly timed, the nav brief concluded in time for lunch. Then with wet weather gear and life jackets donned, a shore expedition was launched. The seaboat was slipped and our skilled boat driver, Knuckle, took the youthies to Soldiers Point marina for a leg stretch and a chocolate milkshake. It was raining and everyone was soaked, but they loved it. I think a little time off the ship was a welcome change due to being holed up onboard, still hiding out in Port Stephens and not sailing. On their return the seaboat was recovered and in preparation for forecast westerlies, we shifted anchorage position once again, just a wee bit to the north. Already more shelter from the westerly, I think we’ll be snug here overnight.

As usual, Keely did not fail to impress at dinner, this time she had assistance. Youthies: Sam, Connor and Jackson, were today’s ‘Masterchef trainees’. Lamb cutlets, roast pork, chicken with coconut sauce, not to mention dessert… how’s a guy supposed to stay in shape? Sheesh! But I need to quality control and test everything, so what am I gonna do??

Finally, a favourite activity of ours was conducted, which we call ‘3 way chats’. It’s basically a great way to get to know each other a little more, providing entertainment and a bit of fun. One member of each watch is teamed up in group of threes. They get to know each other a little bit then they present to the rest of us and tell us about ‘themselves’, as one of the other members of the three. Does that make sense? Anyway, youthies all did a great job, and wow! what interesting people they all are. Now I know who to talk to about kickboxing, scuba diving, tacos and travel.

Then with bed in sight, youth crew shifted into anchor watches. Again, one member from each watch will take a shift together for an hour or so, watching the weather, anchor security, wind gauges, etc. ensuring the ship is safe throughout the night. I trust my new shipmates will keep us safe and I’m looking forward to a deep, restful, sleep, confident in their vigilance.

Until tomorrow.
Yours Aye, Captain Adam

Quote of the day: “Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammad Ali