Voyage name: 
V13/16 Cairns (QLD) to Gove (NT)
07 Aug - 19 Aug 2016
12 02 S
137 29 E

Currently located 50nm to the east of Gove Harbour and are experiencing light to moderate SE winds with a .5-1m ESE swell. Our current speed is 4kts and the temperature is 21 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day ten of our voyage.This morning we experienced a number of rain squalls with 20-25kt winds which soaked the morning watch but in these warm conditions they didn’t seem to mind.

Following morning brief the Youth Crew conducted their Command Team elections then were given 30 minutes with the Staff Crew to ask questions about their relevant positions

This afternoon they managed to complete a number of their required tasks whilst continuing to sail and navigate the ship well in these favourable conditions. One of the many tasks to be completed during the Command Day period is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow evening so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Captain Luke.


Until tomorrow, take care


Yours Aye


Captain Gav



16 AUGUST 2016


Ahoy there!

Hello all, we are currently in the Gulf f Carpentaria making good speed towards Gove. Today is command day, meaning we are taking over the ship (with permission from Gav) and are fully under control of the ship from plotting the rout and course we will sail as well as preparing the meals for all on board. After happy hour we sat down to vote as to who among us would take up certain roles on the ship as follows

Youthie elected command team:

Captain – Luke

Sail Master – Katya

Navigator – Ryan

Watch officer – Torsten

Watch leaders – Rionia, Laura & Mia

Galley cooks – Velma, James & Jahya

We then were given a total of 22 tasks to complete in our 24 hour command period by the end of which we have already completed 6 and hope to have more done by the end of the night we have set almost all the squares and stay sails and are making good headway (we believe in the right direction), the staffies won’t help us in any discissions they are only here to observe safety of the crew. Spirits are high and we are working well as a team so far and are continually improving. We have had to start altering our course due to some unsurveyed waters  but this should not put a dent in our time schedule we should have almost all of our tasks completed by midday tomorrow before we are to hand over command back to captain Gav.

Hope to see you all soon from the Young Endeavour voyage 13 of 2016 from current captain Luke


Shout outs:

Shout out to my sis dee and my beautiful girl Kaiti I miss you xoxo Ill be home soon – Damian
Miss you – Torsten

I’m having a great time on the ship, cannot wait to tell you all about it! – Katya

Shout out to my family The Triffitt, already missing you guys but only have 3 more days to go. Hope everything is going well at home. Love Kaylena and Reonia xx

Shout out to my amazing sister Jemma and Mum and Rob, Missing you guys, having fun and the weather is amazing! Not far to go till we are in Gove! I’ll call you when I get there – Tegan xx

Believe in yourself and go for it! - Emma Watson