Voyage name: 
V13/16 Cairns (QLD) to Gove (NT)
07 Aug - 19 Aug 2016
11 30 S
139 20 E

Currently located 160nm to the SW of the Torres Strait and are experiencing moderate to strong SSE winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 5.5kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Stronger than expected winds remained with us overnight which gave us some good sailing but with it came a confused swell which again brought on some more seasickness for a small number of the Youth Crew.


By sunrise this morning we were located 90nm to the south west of the Torres Strait sailing on a broad port reach under a reduced sail plan. Following morning brief and cleaning stations (happy hour) we closed the ship up at tacking stations and completed a good set of demonstrational tacks which on this occasion due to the wind and swell ended up being ‘wears’ which is putting the stern of the ship through the wind or a jibe.


This afternoon we held round four of rope races which was closely followed by Captains setting and furling drills. These drills are the final training activity prior to the commencement of Command Day and ensure that all watches can safely set and furl all sails.


Once completed it was decided to rig the fire hose at midships and let everyone get wet and enjoy a cooling off and some temporary respite from this tropical heat.


Late this afternoon I conducted the Command Day brief then once finished everyone enjoyed another wonderful dinner prior to settling back into their watches for the night.


Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the Apples & Onions exercise as we continue our passage under sail across the Gulf of Carpentaria with all onboard now excited about the commencement of tomorrows 24hr Command Day.


The time is now 2000 and we are located 160nm to the south west of the Torres Strait now sailing close hauled under fore & aft sail and maintaining a boat speed of 5.5kts.


Until tomorrow, take care


Yours Aye


Captain Gav

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried something new. -Albert Einstein