33° 52' South
151° 57' East

Weather: fine, Wind: 155 / 6 kts, Swell: 110 / 2 m, Temp: 20 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The Bluey’s wakey wakey song got everyone up to a beautiful sunny morning after a much smoother night’s sleep. The swell had reduced in height due to a reduction in the wind speed. This made our ride smoother but also meant we slowed down, only averaging 7.4 knots overnight.

After lunch I conducted Captain’s setting and furling which is my assessment of each of the watches’ competence to safely set and furl sails with minimal supervision. This competency assessment is necessary before we progress to Command Day. I am pleased to say all watches achieved the required standard. I then set the youth crew a challenge to set all fore-and-aft sails and clew-up the squares with minimal input from the staff. This was well achieved in minimal time, which is hopefully an indicator of the standards we will see on Command Day. I then announced that all youth crew had achieved Phase II for working aloft. This is the standard required for them to climb without a staff crew member aloft with them. Rather the staffies will supervise the youthies from the deck.

The youthies then undertook the task of sea-furling the Top Gallant and Topsails, supervised from the deck.

After dinner I gave the Command Day brief and then invited the youth crew to conduct their Command Day elections, advising me of the results within one hour.

The youth crew elected to the leadership positions are as follows:

Captain: Elizabeth Johnston Sailmaster: Truong Khanh Duy Le Navigator: Grace Ludemann Watch Officer: Rory Reardon

Watch Leaders: Colin Hoyle, Tully Doole and Kate Harris

Chef: Graydon Gaunt

Congratulations to all those who were elected from all the staffies.

It is expected the Ship will anchor in Broken Bay at 0300 tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike

PS. I have a birthday wish from Rory to Michael Vaughn of Gatton, QLD. Happy birthday and best wishes.


Youthies sailing in the dead of night

Take these wings and learn to fly

All your night you’ve been only waiting for this moment to arrive.

Youthies climbing in the dead of night

Take your red ascenders and touch the sky

All your lives you have been waiting for this moment to arrive.