Voyage name: 
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
06 Oct - 16 Oct 2018
32 42s
152 08e
Wind: ESE at 10 knots Weather: Scattered showers Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Nelson Bay
Ahoy Shipmates, It's Youth Crew Sail Master Christian's turn tonight...lucky for him we're in calmer waters. Fair Winds...Captain Kenny...-... A’hoy! The youth crew of the STS Young Endeavour sure had their work cut out for them last night. With challenging wind and sea conditions, the youthies were forced to cut their losses and turn to the main engines for propulsion back to Nelson Bay. Although a little disheartened that way-points weren’t reached, the team certainly relished the freedom of navigating and sailing a brigantine tall ship by their own devices with only 8 days of sailing experience. WHAT A RUSH!! The rumble and crash of dropping anchor woke the majority of the youthies this morning, landing safely back in Port Stephens and with limited hours remaining ‘till the ship was handed back to Captain Kenny, they set to work finishing off our tasks. They cooked, they cleaned, they briefed, they chalked, they sent a Beach Assault Team to the harbour to gather strangers for a rendition of Advance Australia Fair, and last, but not least, they held a disco in the 12 berth. The youthies deemed the 24 hours a success (for the most part) and relinquished the Command back to those of whom they now have tremendous appreciation for, knowing the difficulty of such a role in bringing this ship to life. After some down time and a trip ashore, we then conducted a timely debrief of the day’s activities. We sure learned a lot, about the ship, each other and ourselves, and now we’re looking forwarded to some light entertainment from the Staffies, a relaxing night in harbour and a new adventure tomorrow. Goodnight and much love, Christian.
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill