Voyage name: 
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
18 Jan - 28 Jan 2020
37 52s
144 54e
Wind: S at 15 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Mild Location: At anchor off Williamstown
Ahoy shipmates...Command Day Part 2...Cap K still on a break (for a little while at least). Over to the youthies. Fair winds, Cap K.---------- Captains Log Day 9 The final hours of the Youthies Mutiny on the Endeavour! A very exciting but also very tired time, and of course the hand over brought to you by Alec and Lachlan. Being shaken early to keep on course all the watches worked through the night and into the morning guiding us to our waypoints. It was at the very middle of the night that the zephyr abandoned us and left us with barely a knot of wind! Crawling our way trying to catch what we could of any small breeze we drifted painfully away from our planned course until we finally conceded to the elements and called the retired captain to request an engine. As the diesel flowed and the muffled roar carried its way through the brig we finally gained speed and were able to regain our course for waypoint 5 of 6. At 0600 our blessings somewhat returned with some minor winds and approaching our sixth waypoint we were stripped of our motor propulsion once more to glide in on wind alone to our final destination. The navigators relieved and the other youthies jubilant yet beginning to feel the fatigue of the day as we finally drifted at less than a knot in at 0635 just as a beautiful sunrise set the distant sky scrapers of Melbourne alight with the fire of the sun shining from their windows. Sailing in the Staffies took control allowing a Youthie to hold the helm on the way down the fairway and into Melbourne proper. Andy was the one to take us in to our resting place to weigh anchor. Melbourne gave us a proper welcome with some sunny and warm weather for only the second time this trip, everyone coated up in sunscreen and climbed aloft for a photo on the foremast. Finally a hammock was constructed to hold all 24 youthies without fail! And sadly this did infact coincide with the conclusion of our fantastic yet tiring 24 hours. The evening consisted of a show with the staffie’s and each watch all preparing a performance for each other, it was a brilliant show each performance either humorous or in the case of two very moving. The talent and skill aboard really shone as the day came to an end. And that wraps up another day aboard the Endeavour, godbless and we shall see you all soon. A shout out the Schnitty’s mother on her birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! A shout out to my dear Mother, Father and Kiara at home: Even in the course of eight days, it has still somehow been for me such a long time since I last saw all of you. It has been an amazing, eye-opening and challenging voyage, and I hope to see you again soon! Finally a shoutout to my Mother, Father, Aimee, Asha and my nephews Evan and Eli. I can’t wait to give you all a big hug when I get back in town ~Alec
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