Voyage name: 
15 September - 25 September

2130 at anchor - Scattered Cloud, Wind NW 7 knots, Swell Nil, Temperature 18 degrees, Barometer 1022 hpa

Ahoy there,
In my second and final log as Youth Captain, I am writing to tell you that the Youth Crew succeeded in our challenge of Command Day and we have anchored safely in Sydney.

To pick up where we left off, our night watches were just beginning and all was going well. We turned out to have an interesting night after all from, solid winds to the wind dropping off, we had the majority of sails set to only a couple of core sails and a crew of youth committed to the cause of getting us to Sydney on time.

I joined the middle watch (0001-0400) for part of their watch to assist on the bridge and then the morning watch (0400-0800) were very lucky and have reported they enjoyed some whale watching.

Our morning brought us many a challenges as we continued to slowly but surely tick off the list all whilst maintaining our course and adhering to all normal procedures including morning brief, meals and happy hour.

I am proud to write this log entry as captain as we passed through our final way point at 0945, 15 minutes prior to our completion time and that we successfully handed back the ship at 1300, with all tasks completed to the best of our abilities.

In passing through the way point on time, the success earned us the opportunity to continue and assist the staff in plotting a course and anchoring the ship. This means that this amazing crew went from start to finish, navigating from weighing anchor in Broken Bay to dropping anchor in Hunters Bay.

Our day from 1300 consisted of some well deserved rest, our Command Day debriefs and a concert in the evening hosted by Kazia and Nate, in which every watch was to put on a segment. The Young Endeavour Staff, in particular, Adrian, would like to make an official note that Movember is coming up and moustaches are a good look this spring.

Thus ends my day and this log as Youth Captain. I would like to thank Captain Damien and his team for being on watch, the staff on watch throughout the night in particular and also I would like to formally thank each and every member of this amazing youth crew. The dedication, teamwork, commitment shown by all was amazing and we all had fun.

Until we meet again.

Youth Captain Aaron

As Youth Captain Aaron detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and new found confidence. They exemplified the ships motto 'Carpe Diem' translated 'to seize the day'.

Now that the Youth Crew have settled into overnight anchor watches the intention is to weigh anchor early tomorrow morning from Hunters Bay and proceed into the Royal Australian Navy's Fleet Base East located at Woolloomooloo, where we will berth and embark our guests consisting of young Australians from the Muscular Dystrophy organisation enabling those youth who are unable to participate in an 11 day voyage a glimpse of what our current Youth Crew have experienced. We will depart for three hours on Sydney Harbour before returning back alongside and farewelling our guests. Sailing once more to anchor for our last night on the ship to complete the adventure that is Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours aye

Captain Damien