35° 5' South
155° 35' East

Weather: overcast with passing Thunderstorms, Wind: 010/10 kts, Swell: from 110/1.5 m, Temp: 16 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

What a shocker of a night’s sleep that was! We had the 2.0 m swell on our beam all night. The lee sheets certainly got a workout. The whole crew had a bit of a zombie look about them when they turned-up for breakfast, having been roused by the White Watches attached song!

We had morning brief at the usual time and learned the meanings of some more nautical expressions, such as ‘in the offing’ and ‘flogging a dead horse’ from Salty and Nana taught us the song ‘I’m a little rocket’. Happy Hour ran into lunch and after lunch we played some deck games, had the next instalment of Rope Races and then got into ‘Rotational Tacks’, which was aimed at preparing the youth crew for Command Day. Two people from each watch rotated through the bridge whilst the Ship tacked numerous times and Dion and I explained the sequence of events and why we might need to tack or wear the Ship.

At 1745 we retarded clocks one hour to bring us back to EDST (-11) / Sydney time. By early evening the wind had reduced to under 15 kn and the swell had reduced to 1.0 m. Hopefully we will get a better sleep tonight. Our arrival at the Patonga anchorage is looking like midnight tomorrow night.

Until tomorrow

Yours Aye

Captain Mike



Have you felt the rolling seas?

We’re picking up the speed, oh oh

Red white and blue we sail as one whole crew

Our way to Sydney shore.

The sun up here invites you to see another day,

oh ooo, ooo, ohhh, umm.

Shit weather won’t prevent us from skylarkin’ all the time our way to Sydney shore.

We’re cheeky monkey sailors of red, white and blue, oh oh

The sun up here invites you to see another day

Progress along our way

So get up out of bed

We’ll see you on the deck, oh oh

Have you felt the rolling seas?

We’re picking up the speed.