26° 42' South
153° 11' East
Clear Skies, Wind SW 5 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 21 degrees, Barometer 1021 hpa. Morale high.
Part Two
Later we completed another task, to get 25 of the youth crew aloft and to take a photo. We got everyone into harnesses and climbed aloft with everyone spread out along the yards for a fantastic photo. On the way down Kate managed to do the splits whilst on the ladder coming down, which was cheered by the entire crew.
Dinner from the Snowflakes, named after the brilliant Snowy, was amazing. They endured several minor burns, have spent 7 hours cooking and have very successfully completed 36 of 72 meals. Dinner was a great success they are really looking forward to their 0430 start to make breakfast. Love from the Snowflakes, Kristin, Maddie and Tibby.
We finally weighed anchor at 1700 and we started to sail the ship on our own for the first time at 1730. We are currently in the process of putting up sails and tracking our location to make sure that we can get to our destination on time, if not before. We will know in the next little how the winds and seas will impact our decisions and will hopefully be off to get some sleep soon, with watches to continue through the night. Looking forward to a brand new day tomorrow and our fingers are crossed that all goes well through out the night.
A big hello from all the youth crew to everyone and we are all looking forward to seeing you soon, and a massive thanks must go out to the staff from the Young Endeavour. They have all been amazing, so much fun and with such positive attitudes which has absolutely made the trip. Words can't describe how awesome they have all been. After all their assistance and encouragement we are hopefully ready for the next 15.5 hours that we have left in command of the ship.
Until tomorrow, Youth Captain Dahna