Voyage name: 
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
18 Jan - 28 Jan 2020
38 11s
144 56e
Wind: SE at 9 knots Weather: Warm and sunny Sea: Calm Course: 336 Speed: 4 knots
Ahoy's Day 8, Command Day, and you know what that means...yes, holidays for the staffies! Over to youth crew Captain Ellorie. Fair winds, Cap K.---------- Captain’s Log Day 8 The Youthies have taken over!! The Captain of the hour is yours truly, Ellorie Celery, bringing to you the all-important Captain’s Log. We began the day by weighing anchor and venturing back out into the Bass Straight, giving the ship a good shake up, before heading back to anchor just off Rye. While we were stopped, the beautiful weather and gorgeous blue water was too much to resist and so we all went swimming! Swinging off the rope swing and into the water was a definite highlight of the day. Finally, at 1400 the Youthies took command of the ship. Our first challenge was to send a small party to storm the beaches of Rye and sing Advance Australia Fair. Our party drew quite a crowd and soon a whole collection of onlookers joined in the singing! While one team was off on the beaches, another group of youthies set about crafting a stunning chalk mural on the deck at mid-ship, and our 3 chefs were hard at work making a lovely dinner. With our first tasks completed and all crew back on board, we set sail for Melbourne at 1600. Since then we’ve had smooth sailing and the wind at our back (all 10 knots of it). We’re well on our way to achieving our command objectives! As I type, the Red, White and Blue Watches are setting the topsail, topgallant sail and course sail (the three square sails) to make the most of our ideal winds, our Navigators are hard at work plotting our course and our Watch Leaders are out keeping the Watches in line. That’s all for now, Celery out! Shout out to Mum, Dad, Sam and Ashton!
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