33° 54' South
151° 27' East

Curently  located 18nm to the NE of Sydney Harbour and experiencing moderate - strong NE winds with a 1.5m swell.  

Hi Everyone,

                  Welcome to day 8 of our voyage. Following a peaceful night at anchor the Youth Crew awoke to a fine Broken Bay morning. Given the warm conditions we decided to start the day with an early morning swim followed by breakfast, morning brief and a quick Happy Hour. On completion of these activities the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they were given 2 hours to enjoy the sleepy but picturesque township of Patonga.

By 1130 everyone was back onboard and at 1300 I officially handed over the Ship to Captain Zoe and the Youth Crew of Voyage 17. Over the next 24 hours the Youth Crew will have to complete a number of tasks as well as sailing the ship from Broken Bay to Rose Bay in Sydney Harbour. One of the many tasks to be completed is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached tonights entry  from Catain Zoe.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


VOYAGE 17/12

Hey Everyone - Captain Zoe here!

It’s so hard to fathom that only eight short days ago (197.5 hours to be exact) we were strangers meeting for the first time. Now I cannot imagine my life without these people. The friendships that have been made on the voyage will last us a life time.

The only thing I can fully say without rambling is that this has been the best experience of my life!

On to other things, today is command day which started at 1300 hours Sunday the 16th of September and will end at 1300 hours Monday the 17th. The Staff Crew have gone on a ‘Summer’ Holiday and us youths are now in control of the ship.

So far we have left the picturesque Broken Bay and are now making our way to Rose Bay – Sydney! Although seven hours into Command Day we have found that we have been travelling a little too well, nearly reaching our second last of six set markers with nine hours to spare. We all believe the Sea Gods have been a little too good to us!

We have just set a new course to a new marker further out to sea seeing as the course was originally set for 10knots of wind when currently there is 25knots.

Fingers crossed we stay on course and make it to our set marker at Rose Bay before the designated 0800 hours. And hopefully no late night tacking!

A quick shout out to my Dad, Mum and Brother! I love you all so much, although I admit I haven’t really gotten home sick! I have, however, missed the humid heat of Nhulunbuy! Thank you guys and everyone who has ever supported me, motivated me, trusted me and believed in me. This has definitely been the experience of a life time in so many ways!


Zoe xx

Hi Mum, Dad, Lucy and Greta! Having a great time so far but like Zoe I’m feeling a little guilty about not being too homesick. The places we’ve been so far have been great and right now I can see the lights of Sydney as we sail past. Hoping you’re all coping well with me being away (I know it’s hard) and I’ll see you all soon! And a shout out to any friends reading this – see you all soon!

Haydn 