Voyage name: 
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
10 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
23 09.2 S
150 56.9 E
Wind: 160 @ 10 Swell: Nil Weather: Fine
Well, dear reader, it was watches at sea overnight - with some sail handling and climbing taking place - whilst motor-sailing towards Great Keppel Island, as we were head to wind most of the night. At 0800 Horto the Engineer and myself put the Youth Crew through their paces somewhat, with an activity we call “Captain’s Setting and Furling”. Basically, we ask each watch to demonstrate their competence and safety whilst setting and furling sails. This is a final check, before we allow them to do it by themselves - without staff direction - during Command Day. They passed with flying colours BTW. Competent and safe - Tick. Happy hour was next and let me just say, ladies and gents, that these youthie’s have untapped their love of cleaning! You won’t believe how much they love to rub, scrub, and revel in their reflections in polished brass and glass. I’ll just give you a tip though - as it is often very hard to get them to stop once they get going - if you tell them you’ve just seen whales or dolphins, they will stop and run outside in a flash… which is when you can lock them out, if you so desire. … Or just make them a scrumptious lunch, such as: grilled salmon or lamb back-strap for example (5 stars, Zac). Once distracted from cleaning, it’s very easy to place a life jacket on them and load them into the seaboat for a shore expedition. Several disgruntled and unwavering sailors continued their cleaning frenzy on the beach, others swam and yet others went exploring and paddle pop eating. Our shipmates returned around 5pm whereby I delivered a Command Day briefing, outlining the proceedings and opportunities to take up positions such as; Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, etc. Their eyes instantly widened… I then told them that we wouldn’t be vacating our cabins and their eyes returned to a cynical squint! Basically, we hand over Command of the ship to the Youth Crew for 24 hours. We give them some navigation instructions and a list full of interesting, fun and challenging tasks for them to achieve as a team. Elections will take place after tonights BBQ! Whilst the BBQ was being cooked, Zac our chef, brought his father onboard who just so happens to work on Great Keppel Island - traditional place of the salt water people, the Woppaburra - as a whale watching tour guide, and as a member of the traditional owners, is one of a few elders that provide Welcome to Country ceremony’s for visitors to the island. So it was quite an honour therefore, to have Nerark (Zac’s dad) welcome us to his country, on the deck of our beloved ship. It was very cool and quite moving actually. Thanks Nerark - Respect. Then it was down to business, my friends and avid readers, Youth Crew of V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone sat down to elect positions in preparation for tomorrow Command Day. I am pleased to announce the following positions: Captain – Catriona, Sail Master – Hal, Navigator - Munowai, Watch Leaders – Savannah and Anders, and most importantly, the Chefs: Ruby, Briella and Zac. Remaining members of the Youth Crew will be very important watch members, without whom the ship is unsailable. Finally, with excitement and perhaps some nervous energy for tomorrow in the air, the staff crew rigged up the outdoor cinema and cooked up some pop corn for a rare treat – movie night! “Poseidon adventure”, I think! Just kidding!! Lol. No, we showed a great old film of the last phosphate trading voyage from Germany to Chile in 1929 in an amazing tall ship, the Peking. Great film with some fantastic footage. OK. Big day tomorrow and anchor watches overnight... must get my beauty sleep ;) Adieu then. Captain Adam+ ps. Special shout-out to all the High School Seniors conducting exams this week, especially Jaisalmer and Malaika and all their respective friends. Wishing you well. xoxo
A leader is best when people barely know they exist... when his/her work is done, aims fulfilled, the people will say, "We did this ourselves".