Voyage name: 
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
18 Jan - 28 Jan 2020
38 21s
144 49e
Wind: SE at 5 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: Rye (again).
Ahoy shipmates...another busy day sailing around Port Phillip, aptly described below. Command Day looms and both youth crew and staff crew are looking forward to it...always fun (well for staffies at least). Congrats to Ellorie and her team...we wish them well! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.---------- Captain’s Log Day 7 Greetings! Day 7 began with a fantastic pancake breakfast courtesy of Adam. After weighing anchor we then began ‘Captain’s setting and furling,’ in which each watch independently sets and furls various sails to demonstrate their ability to handle the ship safely. Each watch successfully completed this challenge and was rewarded with Tim Tams! Following lunch (tacos!), the whole crew was involved in ‘demonstrational tacks,’ in which small groups took turns watching the rest of the crew maneuver the ship in order to gain a better understanding of tacking. Having sailed across, Port Phillip Bay, we returned to anchor next to the small town of Rye, where we attracted the attention of a crowd on the local jetty as well as a few other boaties. Badly in need of solid ground (after the Bass Strait), we went ashore and enjoyed a nice feed and chance to stock up on sugary goods at the local Woolies. After a Command Day Brief and dinner we held Command Day elections where we voted our peers into positions of responsibility. Congrats to Captain Celery, Sailmaster Lucy, Navigator Andy, Watch Officer Alec, Watch Leaders Connor, Jackson and Taisha, and Chefs Lachlan, Argus and Katrina! The crew is really looking forward to Command Day where we hijack the ship for 24 hours while the staff have a nice break! We finished the evening off with a movie night on the upper deck watching a humbling film about sailing in the old days. Thank god for safety harnesses! Best wishes to family and friends* until next time -Lily, Finn and Taisha *special shout out to Bernice and Ian, Terrie and Robbie, Katrina and Jeremy.
The only person you have to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.